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Specializing in marine joystick control systems.
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Marine Joystick Control Systems
Circuit boards designed and manufactured in Bangor, Maine, USA.  We come to you for the installation.
We offer a complete 3-yr warranty and can be on site, in most cases, within 24 hours to review any issue with your craft. 
Hinckley knock-off boat (made in China) being launched on the Baltic Sea in Northeastern Sweden. 
We recently installed a JSC2100SJ Control System on a Hinckley knock-off, made in China, that rivals the Picnic Boat™ for a smooth ride. We look forward to installing many more systems on this type of vessel.
The frustration of maneuvering in a crowded marina and parking in a slip has always been a predicament for many operators. The Control Stick™ allows you to complete this intimidating task with only the slightest movement of your wrist. 

The system allows the captain to control forward, reverse, steering, and even sideways functions. The features of the Control Stick™ make it ideal for jet or prop boats. The intuitive movements of the stick create a feeling of true control and reduce the stress of the boating experience. Because the controls are analog and come with a standard electro-mechanical backup, it is more reliable than any digital method. The Control Stick™ will never leave you stranded, as the helm always overrides any stick functions. Systems are priced competitively and offer a 3-yr warranty. Compare our prices on a complete swap-out or direct replacement of your Hinckley, Ultrajet or Hamilton joystick control system. Please call us for a quote today.
The Control Stick™ operates on 12 or 24-volt DC and can be integrated to control the following features: 

  • Transmission
  • Deflector 
  • Bow Thruster 
  • D.P. Control 
  • Nozzle 
  • Steering 
  • Stern Thruster 

This unique system can be used for: 

  • Conventional Prop 
  • Tunnel Drive 
  • Stern Drive 
  • Water Jet 
  • Surface Drive 
  • Z Drives 
  • 16 feet to ship class (200 feet) 

Available in all water jet models , our system can be retrofitted to any craft, jet or prop. Recently, Control Engineering partnered with Costoldi Jet, a world-renowned leader in the manufacture of jet propulsion systems. The Control Stick™ can be customized for all water jet models including Hamilton, TWIN Disc, UltraJet, Kamewa, and Kodiak. Control Engineering uses nothing but military spec, high-quality, anodized aluminum joysticks. 
These installs have proven to dramatically increase sales, as an older yacht now has a leading edge over its competition. Contact us for a free ship survey!
Our systems have three modes; docking, cruise, and manual, which accommodate autopilot and manual steering.
The JSC series of joystick controls enables the operator to intuitively control their vessel with the smallest of movements and gives even the least experienced operator confidence to safely manuever his vessel. These systems are designed with an internal true backup system that allows the operator to control the deflectors in the unlikely event of a system failure. 

Control Engineering joystick control systems are not "off-the-shelf," but are custom-designed for your boat. Control Engineering has designed systems for boats from 16 feet to ship class (200 feet). Prices quoted will include all parts and labor. Customers can make travel arrangements or reimburse expenses for travel to and from install location

Proportional Control

Every JSC control system is proportionally controlled. If the vessel has jet propulsion, the nozzle and deflector (bucket) moves, following the movement of the joystick. If the joystick is moved forward a few degrees from its neutral or center position, the deflector will follow that movement and stop where the joystick stopped. If the operator releases the joystick, the deflector will return to its neutral position and the same is true of pulling the joystick aft.

Control Engineering uses nothing but the highest quality, military spec anodized aluminum joysticks. 
Joystick installed on a Hinckley-44 in New Jersey, USA
MV Bluesiana - Hinckley Picnic Boat™ EP 

The motor yacht Kismet, in Barcelona, Spain, with one of our systems that enables the vessel to move sideways flawlessly without a bow thruster. The joystick control system uses the power of jets to thrust sideways. 

Demonstration of remote-control on a 52' Vichem by Tom Serrao at Southwest Harbor, Maine, USA