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Specializing in marine joystick control systems.
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"it is intuitive and vastly different" 
"It's a strange sensation simply because it is intuitive and vastly different from any other steering and control function on any production powerboat I have been on. In simple terms, the joystick handles all facets of the boat, except for the RPM. I don't need to do the usual hand dance and alternate between grabbing the wheel, the throttle and gear shift." -Charles Bartlhold, Yachting magazine, October 1998
Control Engineering is proud to have received the following recognition for their work:
"the boat goes where you point the stick"
"We cast off. The owner moved the joystick forward and to the left and Crazy Horse obeyed without a moment's hesitation. That's the "joy" in Joystick. In maneuvering mode, the boat goes where you point the stick. During my stint at the helm, I moved the boat every which way, but stayed within a circle not much larger in diameter than "Crazy Horse's" LOA. All the directional changes were silent-- no gnashing of gears, vibes from propellers or lurches of acceleration."
"very cool the way the boat responded to the stick both underway and docking"
 "Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how impressed I was with the performance of your jetstick you installed on John's 38' Little Harbor™. We took the boat around Shelter Island this weekend and it was very cool the way the boat responded to the stick both underway and docking."  - T.M.
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In 2015, Tom flew to Hamburg, Germany to install a new joystick control system on a Hinckley EP36, for Peter Foerthmann, owner of Windpilot. Please read Peter's blog, which details his experience with Tom at

News and Reviews 
"I have had Tom working with me since 2004 or so. His inventiveness, quality of work and responsibility for his efforts have left nothing lacking. You are not hiring a large corporate structure. You can gain by his lower overhead."

W.F., Anchorage, AL
"His inventiveness, quality of work and responsibility...have left nothing lacking."
"I had purchased a used 2003 “Downeast” type lobster boat with twin Yanmar diesels and Hamilton Jet drives.
The boat did not come with a “joystick” or “jetstick” control and I searched for someone with the experience and knowledge to retrofit my boat with such a system.
Luckily I came across Tom Serrao and Control Engineering. At that time he was based in Palm Coast, Florida, where my boat was. Tom made an initial visit and inspection of the boat and was able to determine exactly what type of system I would need to interface with the existing controls on the boat. A proposal was made, contract signed and deposit paid. A very straightforward and simple process. The price for the system was quite fair. The amazing thing here is that this system was not to be a “one size fits all” or generic system , but rather a built from scratch completely custom unit just for my boat!
The system was promised and was completed at the time and date specified. It was installed in about a day at my dock and worked perfectly from day one! This control system integrated the functions of forward and reverse, side thrusters, helm,and throttle, all in one control stick that could be operated easily with the fingers of one hand!
Tom stands behind his work as well. A year or so later there was an issue with the joystick helm control [which in retrospect was probably related to some service work that had been done on the Hamilton Jets], Tom made a special trip to the location of the boat at the time and was quickly able to diagnose and remedy the problem.
I have been a boat owner since the 1960’s and can honestly say that I have never encountered a marine technician/engineer with the skill, experience, integrity and ingenuity of Tom Serrao and Control Engineering. I wholeheartedly recommend Tom to anyone in need of service, troubleshooting or fabrication of “Joystick” systems.

Harvey B. Sher, MD
Jacksonville, FL
"I have never encountered a marine technician/engineer with the skill, experience, integrity, and ingenuity of Tom Serrao and Control Engineering."

“The joystick that started it all is the Hinckley JetStick™, which was developed by Tom Serrao and introduced in 1998 for the company’s waterjet powerboats. Waterjet boats with joysticks are wonderfully maneuverable and can be more agile than pod boats. “ 

Eric Sorensen
From the Soundings Article, “Pods, inboards and joystick maneuvering
April 2015 Issue