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Specializing in marine joystick control systems.
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Custom-designed marine joystick control systems with 3-yr warranty for 
jet or prop boats.

Swap out or upgrade your Hinckley, Ultrajet or Hamilton control system. 

Repair and refurbishment of hydraulic systems.

Reverse engineering services.

Marine  joystick control systems

Industrial Controls & Robotics
Tom Serrao established Control Engineering in 1992 and rapidly gained a reputation for the ability to design, build, reverse engineer, and repair electronic circuits. In 1996 Control Engineering was commissioned by The Hinckley Company to design and manufacture the "Jetstick™" for their famous “Picnic Boat™”. Since then, they have designed systems for numerous companies and individual owners, installing marine controls on boats from 16 feet to ship class (200 ft). Tom has been a consultant to boat builders, boat owners, and jet manufacturers for over 20 years, offering advice and identifying system issues. His expertise in the boating industry and his comprehensive knowledge of the mechanics of jet and water propulsion boats provides quick-response troubleshooting and minimizes downtime with analog or digital failures. 
Control Engineering is located in Bangor, Maine. In most cases, they can be on site within 24 hours if you have concerns about your boat's performance or are seeking advice on a boat purchase, retrofit or system selection for your existing craft. 
Control Engineering has designed robotics for industrial applications and interactive children’s museums and built electronic circuits for projects ranging from telecommunications to the medical industry. Speak to them about your idea and let them create a customized system to fit your needs. 
All control systems, including marine boat controls, are built to military specifications and manufactured here in Maine, USA. Control Engineering is capable of designing any type of robotics you can imagine. The entire process from design, prototypes and finished boards are all achieved within their walls. Every circuit board they build is of the highest quality and will stand the test of time! 

Projects Gallery
CONTROL ENGINEERING - Specializing in custom-designed marine joystick control systems.
Ship's bridge
Catamaran 38" handicap accessible
Control Stick on Hinckley 55
Wisperjet 38 with JCS
Ship and tender
New Joystick production board
Twin Jet Cat 65 with JCS
G3 16-foot experimental craft with omnijoystick.
Hood 36
Hinckley Picnic Boat 36
Padebco with JCS at Liberty Landing
Watkins 58 with JCS
Joystick Control board ready for installation.
Padebco 38
Dereli 38
Hinckley knock-off boat being launched in the Baltic Sea.
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